BoxerJocks - Robotic Boxing
Image of BoxerJocks robot
The BoxerJocks are a great addition to any amusement park. Also, the Boxer Jocks can be easily transported to party events, fairs and festivals for additional weekend revenue.


With a ride capacity approaching 50 riders per hour, charging $3.00 per person, quick profits result.
Rental rates generally $175/Hr.

The BOXERJOCKS provide an aniamatronic-like attraction as well, drawing in crowds of onlookers to watch the action take place. Television cameras and the Press also take notice. FREE ADVERTISING!

Just as the popularity of the Rock-Em-Sock-Em toy robots of years past was impressive, so to is the larger version "BOXERJOCKS".
    Image of inside BoxerJocks robot
  • CONSTRUCTION - Tubular steel network with a rigid steel mesh surrounding the riders upper body providing ample safety and visibility.
  • DRIVE - Dependable Honda gasoline engine powers the hydro-pneumatic system for mobility and arm punching articulations.
  • BODY - Hand laid fiberglass with choice of color scheme. Quality Urethane Enamel finishes used.
  • SEATING - Designed so that riders aged 8 through adults can operate a BOXERJOCK® easily.
  • IMPACT AREAS - Use of heavy rubber on all contact areas, bumper, gloves, and arms cushion all shock loadings during the match.
  • ELECTRICAL - 12-volt D.C. battery system use for arm switching, scoreboard, and head horn.
  • OPERATIONAL SURFACE - BOXERJOCKS can be operated on smooth to rough concrete, or smooth asphalt surfaces.
  • PERFORMANCE - Speeds to 4 Feet per second with ability to go forward, reverse, and 360 degree spinning motions via dual joystick control.
WEIGHT - 850 lbs.